The Message of The Sphinx Is a Must Read Book of Forbidden History

If you want to believe only in what you were taught in school about the Sphinx or ancient, and not all that is available to you as a enthusiast or student of ancient Egypt, then you won’t want to read any of Robert Bauval’s or Graham Hancock’s books.

But, if you want to know what else is out there, then these guys should be your first stop when it comes to top notch research and investigation of ancient cultures and ancient Egypt. The Message Of The Sphinx, by Robert Bauval and Graham Hancock, is definitely one of those books.

The Sphinx is the largest sculpture, out of solid rock on earth, even to this day. So why is it that it has not been extensively researched by any other sciences other that Egyptologists? Why have Egypt’s own antiquities department kept out geologists such as Boston College’s famous professor Robert Schoch from doing extensive research on this iconic statue? Why are the senior officials of Egypt’s Antiquities Department refusing permits to investigate the underground anomalies found by Schoch and John Anthony West’s team of scientists?

This amazing book puts together clues from geology, Egyptology, and archaeoastronomy to put forth a strong argument as to the reason the Sphinx was created, and when it was created. They even provide a detailed map pointing to a secret chamber that Edgar Cayce gave premonitions of in many of his readings as to a secret library containing the writings of the people of Atlantis. If ever there was a work of Forbidden History or Archaeology, then this is one of those books or theories. You can order your copy from the link below. Enjoy it because it is one of those history books that you will not be able to put down.



“The Orion Mystery” By Robert Bauval Is A Book That Broke Through Egyptology’s Suppression of New Theories

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The Orion Mystery is a fascinating and well researched book, that at the time brought a controversial new theory as to when and why the Great Pyramid of Giza was built.

   Completely engaging, it is a must read for anyone who is interested in ancient Egypt. Like a seasoned detective, the author takes you through his incredible journey to prove that the pyramids on the Giza Plateau were not built as tombs for egomaniac Pharaohs as we were taught by mainstream Egyptologists. This book really opened up my mind to what I was taught in school, and that which I was taught was not necessarily set in stone. It also revealed to me how Egyptologists have such a closed minded attitude to some controversial theories that do not conform to their already established theories.
Bauval actually uses mainstream Egyptology’s own research and Pyramid Text translations to prove that the pyramids were part of grand plan set about by a very sophisticated and much older ancient civilization of the Egyptians. Not taken seriously and even severely ridiculed by the most prominent Egyptologists, Mr. Bauval stuck to his guns and kept up his investigation for many years till he was finally ready to publish his findings. This book will keep any reader engaged through its entirety; as well as, give you a new perspective of the ancient Egyptians and their beliefs, culture, history, and intelligence.